AIMR is a social enterprise with the sole mission of spreading the joy of music and helping people follow their love and passion for music while ensuring respectable career opportunities for them. We intend to contribute to an improved lifestyle for the underprivileged youth of India through the medium of music.

Philosophy of AIMR is to impart high quality learning in various genres of music, through well structured courses and innovative teaching methods. We believe that everyone, who is passionate and determined, can learn music, just not on the same day or the same way. And thus, we promote a process oriented approach to learning instead of a result oriented one. We let our learners grow with music by emphasizing the importance of exploring and composing, while they achieve excellence in the skill of performing and teaching music themselves.

Our vision is to make internationally established standards of music education easily accessible to people from every corner of the country, so that those struggling today will be able to positively contribute to the lives of the hundreds of others tomorrow.


To establish a music academy in all the cities and towns of the country with international standards of teaching and a global presence.

To provide easy access to quality music education in order to attract passionate youth and talented minds from every corner of the country.

To ensure employment opportunities and improved life condition for underprivileged kids and youth, via the medium of music education.

To give birth to the biggest National Symphony Orchestra of India (NSOI).

To give birth to National Choir of India (NCI)

To give birth to National Children’s Choir (NCC) consisting of children from all over the country from age group of 9-18 years.

To give birth to National Youth Symphony Orchestra of India (NYSOI) comprising of school students from 9-18 years of age from all over the country.

To form multiple symphony orchestras covering major cities of India, utilizing funding from governmental or private sources.

To promote a learning oriented, instead of a result oriented method of teaching music to ensure a stronger foundation and to develop a holistic approach of imparting music education that could provide promising career opportunities vying with ones created by conventional educational degrees.